Circular No.Release DateSubjectPDF
FAQ03.12.2016Benefits of Debit Card Activation - FAQView
F. No. 21(23)/2014-FI(Mission)10.11.2016Department of Financial Services - Control RoomView
No. 23011/Gen/2014/Legal-UIDAI15.09.2016Notification for use of Aadhaar No. 23011/Gen/2014/Legal-UIDAIView
F. No. 2/6/2011-FI08.08.2016Nomination / Allocation of Nodal Officers for State Level Bankers Committee (SLBCs ) MeetingsView
F. No. 6/41/2012-FI (Part-II) (C-62258)26.07.2016Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) - Two Centrally Sponsored Scholarship Schemes (Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme and Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for ST Students) of Ministry of Tribal Affairs-reg.View
F. No. 1/9/2014-FI (C-69241)25.07.2016Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) - Opening of Accounts - reg.View
FN. 32(07)/pf-II/2011(vol. II)01.06.2016Clarification  for Direct Benefit Transfer-Payment of transaction charges to Banks/Payment Banks/Post Offices.View
No. 4-5/2016-UIDAI(FI)23.05.2016Organizing special Aadhaar Seeding Camps For pensioners at the pension paying branches of the Banks.View
F.NO.20/57/2010-FI(C53274)09.06.2016Review Group Of Left Wing ExtremismView
G.17015/14/2012-UIDAI-FI01.02.2016Extension of Micro-ATM Scheme up to 31 March 2017 (11Feb2016)View
F.No.3-3/2016-UIDAI (F)28.06.2016Amendment to the Scheme for deployment of Micro-ATMs by Banks for Aadhaar Enabled PaymentsView
RuPay/2016-17/00112.04.2016Addendum - RuPay Insurance Program FY 2016-17View
F. No. 2/6/2011-FI15.03.2016Check List for State Level Financial Inclusion Committees (SLFIC)View
F.No.32(07)/PF-II/2011(Vol. II)26.02.2016Direct Benefit Transfer - Payment of Transaction charges to Banks / Payment Banks / Post Offices.View
F.No.1/127/2014-FI (C-71719)08.09.2015Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana - Automation of Overdraft Facility in PMJDY AccountsView
F.No.1/127/2014-FI (C- 71719)25.08.2015Scheme for Overdraft (OD) upto Rs.5000/- under PMJDY- Non-mandatory of Aadhaar SeedingView
F.No.20/2/2010-FI (C-58530)22.07.2015Seeding of Aadhaar numbers in the pension accounts of all pensioners - Observation first week of August, 2015 i.e from 1st to 7th August, 2015 as Aadhaar seeding Week for pensioners in all branches of all BanksView
F.No.2/6/2011-FI20.07.2015Nomination /Allocation of Nodal Officers for State Level Bankers Committee (SLBCs ) MeetingsView
F.No.1/127/2014-FI (C-71719)25.05.2015Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) - Overdraft in PMJDY AccountsView
F.No.6/41/2012-FI (Vol V)(C-63262)17.06.2015Accounts opened for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) - Operation in Dormant accountsView
F.No.1/20/2013-FI (C-60588)15.05.2015Direct benefit Transfer payments through APB of NPCI - Establishing Aadhaar Look up facility for LDM s to verify / check the presence of Aadhaar on NPCI mapper after seeding process / confirmed by Bank branchesView
F.No.20/2/2010-FI (Vol.II) (C- 58530 )17.02.2015Capacity for Processing DBT/DBTL transactionsView
F.NO.6/23/2012-FI(Vol.II)(C-56563)16.02.2015PMJDY Opening of Accounts-Clarification on small and BSBD Accounts.View
F.NO.1/9/2014-FI (C-69241)12.02.2015Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana - Opening of AccountView
F.NO.32(07)/PF-II/2011(Vol.II)16.01.2015DBT/DBTL- Payment of Commission to Banks.View
F.No.6/38/2012-FI (C- 66449)29.12.2014PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme- Special campaign for Opening of account of LPG ConsumersView
F.No.1/125/2014 -FI (C-71680)22.12.2014Bringing Dairy Farmers within Banking FoldView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI (C-68798)24.11.2014Engagementof Post Offices as BCs by Banks - regardingView
F.No.1/56/2014-FI11.11.2014Scheme for incentivizing Bank Branches under PMJDYView
F.No.1/83/2014- FI (C-70929)05.11.2014Prime Minister s announcements during the visit of J&K on 23.10.2014View
F.No.6/38/2012-FI31.10.2014Re-launch of Modified Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumers (DBTL) Scheme - Seeding of Aadhaar number in bank accounts- reg.View
F.No.6/38/2012-FI29.10.2014Re-launch of Modified Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumers (DBTL) SchemeView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI (C-68798)07.10.2014Involvement of Cooperative Banks - regardingView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI (C-68798)07.10.2014Ministry of Minority Affairs for Opening of bank accounts of members of Minority CommunitiesView
F.No.20/2/2010-FI (Vol.II)29.09.2014Opening of Bank Accounts with Aadhaar NumberView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI16.09.2014Inclusion of Corporate Spending on Financial Literacy as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - regView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI15.09.2014Coverage of existing accounts under PMJDY -regView
F.No.1/9/2014-FI12.09.2014Assessment of uncovered households - regView
PMJDY22.08.2014Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)View

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